Class of 1987
September 16, 2017
2 months and 5 days since
our Reunion.
Welcome to the Covina High School Class of 1987 Reunion Homepage!  YES, it’s been 10 years since our highly acclaimed (and only slightly infamous) 20th Year Reunion, making this next event our Diamond Anniversary celebration of . . . 30 YEARS!!  If you’ve been holding off buying that new pair of sequin-studded cardinal compression socks, the time is now! Fellow Colts, grab some Tiger Balm (apply liberally), powder whatever, and dust off those Doc Martins – it’s time to reconnect and have some fun!
This website will provide you with all the details of our upcoming September 16, 2017 high school reunion at the fun and beachy “Mama’s On 39” restaurant, located at our favorite place during high school to relax, play hooky and/or serve suspensions – Surf City U.S.A. (@ Huntington Beach, California)! You can even RSVP and purchase your tickets here online!  Early ticket purchases are encouraged (remember: “the early bird has worms” – or something like that), so book now to ensure your spot at the main event.  See the “RSVP" and "Buy Tickets!” tabs for more details. 
And while you’re here, see what our fellow alumni have to say about what they have (or haven’t) been doing for the last, oh, three decades in the Message Board forum.  Also, be sure to check out our Photo Albums, which are posted and continually updated by classmates on a regular basis.  Check back often and see what's new.
SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT:  We all had friends who graduated in different years, and since our event is about reconnecting and having fun, this year the Class of ’87 is pleased to open its 30 year reunion event to alumni who graduated from classes in close proximity to 1987.  If you had a lot of friends in the Class of ’87, don’t be shy about registering and attending.  If you know someone who would be interested in attending, kindly extend our invitation and welcome. 
The key to a successful reunion is YOUR participation, so please register today.  We need everyone’s help in locating our fellow classmates.  By far, the best way to do that is word of mouth, so if you know anyone who is listed in the "Colts MIA" tab, or who hasn’t registered or been contacted, please let us know, direct them to this site, or simply use the “Tell a Friend” link below to email them website info.  Don’t let your friends “sit on the fence” about whether or not to attend.  In the Colt tradition passed on by our forefathers, browbeating and strong arm tactics are highly encouraged and effective tools of persuasion. 
Bottom line, this Reunion won’t be the same without you (yes, we’re talking to YOU), so RSVP and get those tickets early.  Here's to our Alma Mater!  Go Colts!
Reunion Quiz
In 1987, what won the Grammy for Album of the Year?

Slippery When Wet, Bon Jovi
Touch of Grey, Grateful Dead
Graceland, Paul Simon
Fat Boys Are Here, Fat Boys
Reunion Poll
What should the dress attire be?

Keepin' It Classy Colts - collared shirt for guys; no t-shirts, no shorts
Full-headed furry costumes
Well-placed fig leaves
Trench coats only
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